Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pimp my ride: AC Schnitzer K1300R

The AC Schnitzer K1300R. Not too bad, though we wouldn't take that shade of green...

Pics: AC Schnitzer, via MotoFlash

The guys at AC Schnitzer are at it again and this time they’ve got their hands on the BMW K1300R. ‘A real racing look and flowing transitions are achieved on the AC Schnitzer K1300R by the cockpit and lamp trim, the front spoiler and the pillion cover. In their design, priority was given to perfect fit and simple installation while retaining the powerful styling lines. The engine spoiler is totally new and guarantees adequate ground clearance for every setting of the ESA suspension,’ says the Schnitzer website.

AC Schnitzer have added their own forged alloy wheels, titanium (steel is optional) exhaust system, belly pan, cockpit and headlamp trim, handlebar and pillion seat cover to the K1300R (some of these bits are also available for the K1300S), and they claim their bike looks, sounds and runs better than the stock 1300R. Hmm… if it were our bike, we’d take those wheels and the titanium exhaust, but keep everything else stock. That green paint just doesn’t look right somehow. Anyway, more details on the AC Schnitzer website here
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