Thursday, April 23, 2009

TSS1100GP: Three-cylinder two-stroke superbike from Australia

Fancy a brand-new two-stroke superbike that's lighter and more powerful than a stock ZX-10R? TSS will build one for you, with a 1098cc two-stroke triple...!
Pics: TSS, via Motorcycle Daily

Based in Australia, two-stroke engine specialists TSS are working on a brand-new superbike, which will be fitted with a custom-built two-stroke engine! According to the TSS website, “While the current crop of four-stroke litrebikes can be said to be fast, they are not necessarily thrilling in the same measure. And never will they make quantum overnight leaps in power/weight ratio, or overall bike weight, or in terms of power delivery.”

And hence, the TSS1100GP Kawasaki Triple project, where TSS will use three 366cc cylinders with “extravagant tranny porting and cutting-edge porting characteristics,” to build their own 1,098cc triple. TSS have set a target of 250 rear wheel horsepower at 9,500rpm and close to 200Nm of torque. According to TSS, not only is this easily achieveable, but their 1100 triple will even be as much as 25 kilos lighter than the Kawasaki ZX-10R’s four-stroke inline-four.

TSS say they’ll be building five of these 1,098cc two-stroke triples, which they will use in their own custom-built superbikes. The chassis, suspension and other running gear will be stock Kawasaki ZX-10R units. According to these Aussies, they can also build twins of up to 1,146cc, triples of up to 1,725cc and fours of up to 2,200cc. So if you feel a bit of two-stroke madness coming on, you can get in touch with them via the email addresses mentioned on their website here
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