Friday, May 22, 2009

2009 Yamaha R1 vs Aprilia RSV4

The mighty 2009 R1 takes on the Aprilia RSV4. Both bikes are just so very amazing. Now if only the MCN guys had also added the Ducati 1198S to the mix...! :-)


Anonymous said...

Yes... Mighty Yamaha

Preetham Dev Moses said...

Desperate to touch the RSV1000 and the w8 was over when my cousin brother bought the 2009 Rsv1000 and i get the bike from him to give a jolly first impression was wow...good acceleration...and when my adrenaline started to pump when i did a max of 255kmph on the bangalore highway i felt the bike is more physically demanding and not really sounding good and could sense engine vibrations tht made me very hard to ride and sooner lost interest with the RSVs..though my brother satisfies his ego as he spent big money in tht...we had a 2007 R1 last yr which was just borrowed for 2 days....and to tell about R1 its jus wen u press the self start button u hear a huge muffled roar which accelerates ur whole body and starts ur adrenaline pumpin jus standing by it with engine running...wen i released the clutch for 1st gear i taught sliding like butter??? smooooth and real quick picking 200kmph...i managed to do 280+kmph in the same highway with no stress and with unbelievable smoothness and the only disadvantage with R1 is it tends to wheelie in evry gear if suddenly revved high...i say YAMAHA R1's are gods creation in the form of Japanese Bike tailors...


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