Thursday, May 07, 2009

Craig Jones does 238km/h on ice, on a Buell 1125R

The Buell 1125R which Craig Jones used to ride at 238km/h, on ice!

Pics: Buell, via Motoblog

British stunt rider, Craig Jones is now probably the fastest rider in the world. On ice. The man recently took his specially prepared Buell 1125R to a top speed of 238km/h on the frozen surface of Lake Dellen, in Sweden. No mean feat, this, since the ice is only a few centimetres thick and below that there is the lake’s 1.2 billion cubic metres of water…

With a NOS kit, Craig’s 1125R packs almost 200 horsepower (50bhp more than the stock bike) and in order to find traction on ice, the tyres have nails (20mm at the rear, 15mm at the front) embedded in them. Of course, it takes a man with Craig’s skill and utter fearlessness to ride such a bike to its limits, in an environment where it was never designed to be ridden.

'I firmly believe that your head is the biggest limiting factor in pushing to the edge. The less you think about the risks, the further you can push yourself. So I kept it simple. I just put the bike into gear, tucked down and went as fast as I could,' says Craig. Hmm... you would probably expect this from a man who, among other things, has pulled the world’s longest rolling stoppie (with a passenger on board), where he started braking at 192km/h, lifting the rear wheel off the ground and then riding 305 metres on the front wheel of his Buell XB12R. More about the very talented Craig Jones here

Craig Jones in action on his Buell, on the Lake Dellen

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