Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Franco Uncini to sell his Suzuki XR40

From left: Franco Uncini aboard the 1982 Suzuki XR40 500cc grand prix racer, the XR40 that's coming up for sale and a more recent shot of Uncini

Franco Uncini, 500cc motorcycle grand prix racing world champion in 1982, will soon be auctioning off his championship winning Suzuki XR40 racebike. The bike will be put up for sale via COYS, an international auction house and the auction is scheduled for the 18th of this month, in Monaco. Other racebikes that will also be auctioned off alongside the XR40 are Jean-Michel Bayle’s 1992 Aprilia 250 and Angel Nieto’s 1973 Morbidelli 125.

COYS expects Uncini’s Suzuki to sell for around €350,000 (US$475,000), so if you’ve always wanted a two-stroke 500cc grand prix racebike… :-)

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