Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Honda to supply Moto2 engines

That's actually a Moto2 bike. Or not. Really, we couldn't care less...

Honda will be the sole supplier of engines in the 600cc four-stroke Moto2 class, which kicks off next year. This ‘600cc prototype World Championship series’ will replace 250cc two-strokes and a lot of racing teams seem to be interested in Moto2. However, we suspect it will turn out to be duller and more boring than a dried-up slice of pizza that’s been lying around in the fridge for four days.

Honda’s Moto2 engines (hopped-up CBR600RR engines?) will produce more than 150 horsepower and teams will be able to run whatever chassis and suspension components they want. More or less. Probably. And if you’ll excuse us now, we’ll go and sleep for a bit. Yawn
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