Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Honda to supply Moto2 engines

That's actually a Moto2 bike. Or not. Really, we couldn't care less...

Honda will be the sole supplier of engines in the 600cc four-stroke Moto2 class, which kicks off next year. This ‘600cc prototype World Championship series’ will replace 250cc two-strokes and a lot of racing teams seem to be interested in Moto2. However, we suspect it will turn out to be duller and more boring than a dried-up slice of pizza that’s been lying around in the fridge for four days.

Honda’s Moto2 engines (hopped-up CBR600RR engines?) will produce more than 150 horsepower and teams will be able to run whatever chassis and suspension components they want. More or less. Probably. And if you’ll excuse us now, we’ll go and sleep for a bit. Yawn


Anonymous said...

Yawn? You've got the be kidding me. Its about time the 250's went away, I [and everyone around me] can't wait for the 600's to go big.

Anonymous said...

that is the end of motorsport,i will not look at such nonsens

Anonymous said...

Good thing that FIM got in the same planet as the recessioned (poor souls us).
I'm not too much into bikes pro-racing, please can anyone tell me :

1- Is Moto2 intended as a F-3 is for car driving, to discover new talents that later go to F-1? .

2- Exist any mono-brand category that fills such role?



Tim said...

Why the hate for Moto2?

Nobody is interested in 2 strokes anymore. Bringing further technology incentives to the 600cc class is bound to trickle down to better bikes for the consumer.

Plus, i can relate to a guy racing a 600; a guy on a 250cc 2-stroke I can't.

Bram said...

I would watch it.
With a cheap engine, it becomes viable for a small manufacturer to build and race a bike.

The Brittens of this world would race in this very class! I thought you were a big fan of Britten?

Experimenters, researchers, engineering collectives, they can all go racing their bike in this class.

The engine is already there... just build the best frame possible, and you can win. This is what racing is about. Back to the old days.

Anonymous said...

mono motor? Retrocesso!!!

peter said...

moto2 is a great idea, 250 2 stroke's are a thing of the past.
but why limiting the teams to a single motor supplier?

why forcing them to use motortechnology from their rival Honda?

Anonymous said...

this will suck the soul out of the gp, cut budget drivvel the things lap slower than the 250's and anybody who says otherwise has not been to see a gp let alone ridden a motorbike faster than 30 mph

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