Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miguel Galluzzi talks about the Aprilia RSV4

Miguell Galluzzi talks about the Aprilia RSV4's design...
Via MotoFlash

When we first saw pictures of the Aprilia RSV4, we have to admit we didn’t right away fall in love with the way it looks. Sure, it looked interesting in bits and pieces but it was nowhere near as gorgeous looking as, say, a Ducati 1198. However, over the weeks that followed, the RSV4’s styling grew on us and now we quite love the bike. In fact, we tried very hard to do an interview with Miguel Galluzzi, who heads Aprilia’s design centre and who’s responsible for designing the RSV4. We spoke to people in Aprilia’s press/PR division but somehow the interview never happened.

Anyway, we now found this video on MotoFlash, where Miguel speaks about the RSV4. Some of it does sound suspiciously PR-ish, but... oh, well. ‘The concept of a blade was definitely the first idea for the RSV4. The idea was to build a minimalist, no-frills bike. A racing bike. A bike that would set the standard for all Aprilia racing bikes. The extreme idea of fitting a narrow 1000cc V4 engine into one of our sportsbikes was so exciting that it kept us awake at night,’ says Miguel.

‘The focus was on building a very compact bike, not over designing, and putting a lot of effort into simplifying components. We also wanted a minimal fairing to show the heart of the bike – the V4 engine – as much as possible. Once we achieved the design objectives, it was the details that made the difference. The headlamps, for example, are small and aggressive – as if suspended in the air. The fairing, the exhaust duct developed in the wind tunnel, the fully visible engine, an aluminium chassis that brings out the wealth of this material, the welding inspired by racing bikes. And coming to the fuel tank area, a dug-in seat so the rider is practically inside the bike for total control over the machine,’ says Miguel.

‘We did think about making a bike without a tail but it wasn’t feasible. In the end, we designed an extremely small tail, compact, like the rest of the bike. And very different from all other bikes. For Aprilia, the RSV4 is not the finishing line, it’s the start of a whole new race. We have an exciting future ahead, so stay tuned, there’s more to come,’ he concludes.

This isn’t, of course, a substitute for an interview with Galluzzi, but till the time we’re able to convince the great man to spend some time answering our questions, we guess this would have to do...!

Miguell Galluzzi, the Aprilia RSV4's designer

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