Friday, May 29, 2009

Valentino Rossi vs Wayne Rainey vs Eddie Lawson vs Kenny Roberts at Laguna Seca

Lawson, Roberts, Rainey and Rossi will be racing against each other in 250cc karts at Laguna Seca, three days before the USGP in July this year!

Rossi, against Rainey, Lawson and Roberts – who wouldn’t want to watch that race?! And yes, the four greats are indeed going to race against each other in July this year, just before the USGP at Laguna Seca. Well, no, they won’t be going head to head on motorcycles – that simply isn’t possible – but they’ll be racing against each other in specially prepared karts, fitted with two-stroke engines from the Yamaha TZ250 racebike.

The four multi-time world champs will race at on Thursday afternoon, three days before the American MotoGP event at Laguna. Both Lawson and Rainey have raced karts competitively since retiring from motorcycle racing. ‘I'm quite fast but I don't know if I am at the same level as Eddie. I have some good experience with karts so I'm confident to be competitive. I think the karts in America will be 250, which are very fast. I use a 125cc two-stroke…,’ says Rossi.

We have some great memories of watching Rainey, Lawon and Schwantz slugging it out on their 500cc two-stroke GP bikes. We don’t want to sound like doddering old men who’re always talking about the good old days, but really, those were the days!! And Rainey vs Lawson vs Roberts vs Rossi is one race – even one that’s on karts rather than bikes – we certainly wouldn’t want to miss…!


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