Tuesday, June 09, 2009

2010 Kawasaki 1400GTR may get night vision, HUD

The 2010 Kawasaki 1400GTR could get head-up display and infrared night vision!

According to a report on Gizmag, Kawasaki are all set to deploy a host of new technologies on the 2010 model 1400GTR. The current model already gets bits like variable valve timing, keyless ignition, tyre pressure sensors and ABS, but the next year’s bike could push things to a whole new level, with night vision and head-up display (HUD) technologies.

Taking their cues from some of the more expensive cars around, Kawasaki are said to have developed infrared night vision technology, which will let riders see beyond what a bike’s conventional headlamps can illuminate. The system works via a pair of infrared cameras mounted on the bike, which work together with the bike’s onboard computer. If these cameras ‘see’ anything (which may be beyond the headlamp’s illumination range and which the rider may not be able to see…) in the bike’s path, the system will issue audio/visual alerts to warn the rider. The cameras can ‘see’ objects that are 300m or even further ahead, in the dark, so these could be a very useful safety feature on a high speed motorcycle…

Another high-tech feature that Kawasaki are working on is a head-up display system, which would project information like the bike’s speed and revs right in front of the rider’s eyes. The system will probably work in accordance with a purpose-built helmet, which would allow this information to be projected ahead of the visor, so the rider doesn’t have to look down at the instrument cluster to access vital information.

These technologies are already reasonably commonplace on mainstream cars, so a 1400GTR with these high-tech bits may not actually be as far fetched as it sounds. Now let’s just wait and see what Kawasaki actually unveil at bike shows in Paris and Milan later this year…!

This Mercedes-Benz promo video shows why an infrared night vision system on high-speed motorcycles may be a good idea...


Anonymous said...

All well and good, but they should probably make sure the bike has the basic sport-touring features that were left out of the first version. HUD and nightvision are great and all, but not offering things like heated grips or cruise control on a bike like this is just silly on kawi's part. Get the basics right and then work on the gadgets, and they might start to sell as many of these as Yamaha sells FJR's and BMW sells RT's.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that whatever they do, they do it without using a dedicated helmet.
Helmets need to be certified to different standards, one for European market, one for American, who knows how many others?

For one thing, this would push the already high prices sky high. For another, it would mean they wouldn't bother certifying it here in Australia (to yet another set of standards) and that would mean we'd miss out... again.

hardboiled said...

Errrr and town use, why hasn't that been mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I am considering returning to motorcycling after a 13 year break following my last bike having been stolen. Up until then I had over 20different bikes and amongst the best were my Kawasaki GTR1000, and my ZZR1200 which I converted into a Sports Tourer. However, looking at the proposed 2010 1400GTR I am bitterly disappointed to see that it has been turned into a girl's bike with numerous silly gadgets preventing wheelies, brakes locking, too much petrol use etc. etc. All of which will put servicing and repair costs through the roof. Just because these gismos are available doesn't mean that bikers want them! A biker is not a Mercedes driver when on his bike. Although I'm now 58 years old I still wish to RIDE a bike, not simply sit on an automated twitmobile. Looks like I may need to buy an older 'real' bike.

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