Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gooichi 749: Longer, lower, hotter…

The Gooichi 749 gets down low...!

Pics: DucCutters, Gooichi Motorsports

From Gooichi Motorsports / DucCutters, here’s a modded 2003 Ducati 749. ‘I can never leave anything stock, and one thing led to another. I wanted to do something different with the bike, something that would make Ducati purists cringe,’ says the Gooichi 749’s owner. So, of course, the bike was lowered, fitted with a stretched swingarm, custom-built exhaust, spoked wheels, aftermarket rear shock and… the list just goes on and on.

‘I wanted to go for an old school look, so we sprayed it hot rod black with solid red flake scallops, equipped with red and white pin stripes all around. I also designed a nice air ride kit for it, along with some carbon pieces and custom side-mount exhaust,’ says the bike’s owner. ‘For some this would be enough, but when things snowball around here, it never stops! I ended up making a one-off, 14 over aluminium tubular swingarm to house a custom fat spoked rim. We went with ‘Ride Wright Fat 50’ 18-inch wheels, with a 300 in the back, chrome spokes with black rims,’ he adds.

The Gooichi 749 isn’t, of course, for everybody but for those who like to get down long and low, it’s probably a slice of heaven…

Not that the stock 749 isn't good looking, of course...
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