Sunday, June 07, 2009

KTM-engined Lambretta runs amok…

A Lambretta scooter with a 45bhp KTM engine. Whatever next?!
Pics: MCN

MCN has a report on what must be the world’s only KTM-powered Lambretta. The mad Lamby has been prepared by UK firm DAC-Tek, who’ve dumped the scooter’s stock 150cc, 9bhp engine and bolted on a 250cc, two-stroke KTM mill that makes 45 horsepower. They have also upgraded bits like the wheels and tyres and the brakes (there’s a disc brake at the front now), and modified the four-speed gearbox to suit the KTM engine’s power delivery. The chassis, however, stays stock.

‘Give it a bigger handful when you’ve got some space and the motor screams, lifting the front wheel in first and shooting forward at a rate enough to beat most cars and feels faster than it is. It stays on the boil as you shift through the four gears and the expansion chamber’s shriek makes pedestrians shake their head in disapproval,’ say MCN, who have ridden the scooter.

If you want one, DAC-Tek will sell you one for about £10,000 (US$16,000), which is indeed a lot of money for a scooter. Still, if you have pots of money and if you’re going completely mad with it…


Alex said...

There has been Lambretta's with alternate engines, or tope ends for years.

Pulsurge said...

I want that smoke all the red-light racers here :P

Anonymous said...

Do they make them plain standard 1963 with Audrey Hepburn in the back seat? delivered in Rome please.


Anonymous said...

Corrections: is 1953 not 1963.
The scooter in the movie "Roman Holidays" was a Vespa.


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