Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KTM to continue development work on two-stroke engines

While two-strokes will gradually be pushed out of GP racing, KTM say they will continue to work on quieter, more powerful and less polluting two-stroke engines...

With the creation of the ‘Moto2’ class in Grand Prix racing, two-stroke 250s will be replaced with 600cc four-strokes next year. This is not such a good move for smaller European manufacturers – two-stroke specialists like Aprilia, Derbi, Gilera and KTM – who will definitely not be able to race in Moto2.

However, according to a report on DealerNews, KTM won’t be giving up on developing new two-stroke engines. According to KTM’s CEO Stefan Pierer, the company will continue to work on quieter, more powerful and less polluting two-strokes which would be lighter and easier to work on compared to four-stroke engines. ‘At KTM, the two-stroke will continue to remain an integral part of the future model planning,’ says Pierer.

Alongside regular four-stroke engines, KTM sees a place for two-strokes as well as battery powerplants/electric bikes in its future line-up. Hmmm... so will KTM build a street-legal equivalent of the late, great Aprilia RS250 someday? We seriously doubt that, but hey, dreaming about it can't hurt... :-)


freddyb said...

C'mon, really? I loved the 2-stroke era as much as the next guy, but it's time to move on. Oh, also, I'm a huge fan of KTM. Especially their large displacement offerings like the RC8 and the Super Duke.

Anonymous said...

freddyb...tell these guys to "move on"

The whole world fortunately hasn't gone "eco-friendly"

freddyb said...

Hey anonymous coward, I'm all for small tuner shops making bad-ass customs onsey twosey. I regularly read thekneeslider and was impressed by what those guys are doing. I also though to myself, "self, I be some idiot posts this unrelated item as a rebuttal." If you think they'll ever sell more than a few dozen of these you're insane. Comparing joe blow's bike shop to KTM isn't really apples to apples now is it? For a major manufacturer like KTM to state that two-strokes will be an INTEGRAL part of their future is a little ridiculous.

Anonymous said...


Care to re-state your "brilliant" insight freddy? Or do YOU know KTM's business better than they do?

KTM is NOT looking to beat Honda in gross sales. They are talking about THEIR current/future customers. They are even investing in the dead-end battery/electric technology that you are so excited about which will be forgotten about LONG before 2-strokes die.

And calling The 2-stroke Shop "joe blow's bike shop" shows who IS the idiot here.

RB said...

amazing photo of cameron (i think. or is it marquez?). i'm actually buying two of the RB RC125s from the academy in the USA for my own use and team next season. i think these bikes are the best learning tools out there and are a blast to ride. TRYK.RCYN will have a kid in the 125 or 600 class next year, and at least my logos plastered on every kid's leathers.
it's an awesome sport.

Anonymous said...

one way for 2strokes is DIRECT FUEL INJECTION. Ski-Doo with E-TEC 800R engine make it REAL.

Anonymous said...

Ktms two strokes for 2011 are selling so fast in the USA that its almost impossible to get your hands on one unless you go through KTM finance.
(then you get the special treatment)

I think its safe to say that they masses are seeing the appeal of two strokes once again.
and when that happens every single company (except honda) will wake up and smell the roses.

simha said...

two stroke engine can be modified by deviating exhaust discharge line in such away that exhaust gas along with unburnt fuel should strike baffles where unburnt fuel stick to baffles and exhaust gas leave through discharge line.
later collect the unburnt fuel from the surface of baffle through placing new line just below the exhaust line.

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