Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shocker: Patmont Motor Werks show radical new off-road bike

Shocker: A radical new battery-powered off-roader from PMW
Via AutoblogGreen

Patmont Motor Werks (PMW) has unveiled a radical new off-road motorcycle prototype, which is fitted with the company’s patented Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indispension (CDLI, whew!!) suspension system. This battery-powered electric bike – named 'Shocker' – has been designed to function as a ‘tri-sport’ machine (street, dirt, and freestyle) that emits very little noise and zero emissions.

The PMW Shocker weighs 98kg and is powered by lithium-polymer batteries and a sealed, liquid-cooled DC brushless motor. And yes, the single-side front and rear suspension does seem quite interesting. If the bike does go into production, it will be built at PMW’s facility in Nevada, in the US.

The Shocker in action. Very cool...!


Pulsurge said...

Nice bike...and seems pretty quick too. The right bike for Mumbai friendly and great suspension for Mumbai roads which are dug up every now and then.

freddyb said...

Interesting bike. I like that the development of electric motorcycles is getting a lot of attention. I think it's much more realistic to have an electric motorcycle than an electric car. Events like the recent all-electric motocross (forget the name of that event) and the IOM TTXGP are good for publicity and also provide valuable data for manufacturers. Interesting that the folks at PMW decided to go with such a unique design for the front end of this bike...the steering in particular. And the cute little wheelie in the video is a nice touch. But to say that it can pull 'freestyle' duty might be a bit of a stretch. Check out the 'Tervair Chair' on their little device for the disabled there.

Anonymous said...

No triple clamps used on this bike so the bars can potentially spin 360, for barspins & tailwips

D McMurray said...

Front suspension is a single sided leading link - nothing particularly new - but from a distance it looks like hub centre steer (with no right turn ability) very clean.

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