Saturday, July 04, 2009

1966 Batcycle with sidecar sold on eBay for US$29,500

This 1966 Batcycle was recently sold on eBay for $29,500!

Via Autoblog

For US$29,500 you can buy a brand-new Ducati 1198S with enough money still left over for new helmet, leathers and enough fuel for a few months at least. Then again, if you wanted something more… individualistic (?), you could have spent that money on eBay getting yourself a classic Batcycle with sidecar. Yes indeed, the same outfit which the caped crusader and his sidekick were riding around on, back in 1966…

The 1966 Batcycle, which had just 13,000km on the clocks, was recently sold on eBay for 29,500 bucks. The bike was designed and assembled by Kustomotive for the 1966 Batman feature film and it also made subsequent appearances in a Batman television series in the 1960s.

The Batcycle is powered by a 250cc Yamaha engine and the sidecar (a removable Go-Kart that can run on its own steam) gets a separate 50cc engine as well! Now this rig may not be able to outrun a modern moped, but for sheer style (and as a tool for impressing the hell out of your date), we give it the thumbs-up… :-))

Update (17th July, 2009): If you really must dress up like Batman when you're out riding your motorcycle, here's what you need

Official trailer from the 1966 Batman movie... :-))


Anonymous said...

If eBay took 10% (?) Batman is left with $ 26.550 which he could spend:

Intercontinental Acme Catapult: $ 88.30.- (at Walmart). To send Robin to Pyon Yang to stop Mr. Kim and his missiles

Jawa 250 cc 1977: $ 633.16 (inc tax/ins).

Call to Cat Woman: 0.5¢ .

Balance: $ 25,828.535 discretionary funds.

Rider 1772

Anonymous said...

It DID NOT sell... 0 bids.

Anonymous said...

WHAT, it DIDN'T SELL, what is wrong with people?
(Different anonymous)

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