Monday, July 13, 2009

2010 Honda GL1800 Goldwing gets C-ABS

No, that (above) is not the new Honda Goldwing of course. That'd be the bike you see below. We just wish Honda would do a modern interpretation of the original 1980s 'Wing

Honda have released pics and specs of the 2010 GL1800 Goldwing and the big news is… …the availability of new colours – white, silver, dark blue, metallic red, brown and black. Oh, well, there are also bits like an airbag, C-ABS and remote adjustable preload on the rear suspension (with memory settings). Plus, there’s the biggest, plushest motorcycle seat in the world, CD-player, integrated navigation system, multi-function display on the dash and a host of other toys for the long-distance motorcycle tourer.

The 1,832cc six-cylinder engine remains as before and should be competent as ever, if a bit dull. We also wish Honda had revamped the bike’s styling, which is still stuck in the 1990s. The bike is priced between US$23,000-28,000 (depending on the toys you choose) but Goldwing buyers should really wait for next year's model, for which Honda are said to be planning a complete revamp.


Anonymous said...

Japanese bikes are the best in the world.

Anonymous said...

A Honda blooded guy, a GW fan (from 74') guy says:

I do agree the GL 2010 looks dull, still 90ish, probably co's she knows she's the top of the food chain in her category.
At this point of WEIGHT/SiZe/pOWer/ReFinements I dare to say that is a good time to re-invent it; the engine is almost the size of a Subaru Imprezza (Sub is 4cyl. w/o the turbo).
Some proposals:
Make it hybrid, motors at the wheel hubs/ KERS (see F-1) / hydro-2WD like the Yamaha.
To add innovative amenities useful to the customer, Honda should ask us what is missing in the GW, as Victorinox did with the Swiss Army Knife, some of my suggestion :

Pinball machine for the passanger.

Auto-deployable tent for 4 (her mom may show up with your 'favorite' bro n' law)

Toilet under the seat.

Power steering.

Optional bull horns front ornament.

French maid (no, not a inflatable /battery op. a real one! , man you'd been on line too much lately : ))

Add yours..


Anonymous said...


Built-in stationary bicycle pedals. (You can get really bored and spoiled wrapped in so much automation and luxury).


Anonymous said...

built-in PS3 w/ pillion screen and controls;
electrical adjustable seats;
shock handle-grips for sleepy-heads;


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