Thursday, July 16, 2009

Buell 1125RR unveiled, will be raced in AMA’s American Superbike series

Even though this looks like a regular 1125R, it's actually the race-spec 1125RR, which isn't street-legal, costs $40,000 and will only be sold to AMA racers!

Buell are getting properly serious about competition. The company has launched a race-spec version of the 1125R – the 1125RR – which will be raced in AMA’s American Superbike class. The 1125RR costs a massive $40,000 (about $28,000 more than the standard 1125R!) and will only be offered to racers competing in the AMA American Superbike series.

Compared to the 1125R, the RR comes with a bigger airbox and intake manifold, different valves, higher compression ratio, titanium exhaust, six-spoke magnesium wheels, cast aluminium swingarm, fully adjustable Showa suspension, modified ZTL front brake and chain drive (instead of the 1125R’s belt drive).

‘The 1125RR is designed to give privateer racers a turn-key machine to compete in the American Superbike class in AMA Pro Racing,’ says Eric Buell, founder and chairman of Buell Motorcycles. ‘Buell will produce a limited number of 1125RR motorcycles for sale only to licensed professional road racers who will compete in the AMA Pro Racing American Superbike class,’ adds a Buell press release.

Strangely enough, AMA rules require that motorcycles competing in the American Superbike series should be based on street-legal machines that are available in their manufacturer’s showrooms. While the Buell 1125RR is not street-legal, the machines it will be competing against - the Honda CBR1000RR, Kawasaki ZX-10R, Yamaha R1, Suzuki GSX-R1000, Aprilia RSV1000R and Ducati 1098R certainly are. So we wonder how/why the Buell RR is being allowed to compete in the American Superbikes series at all…?!


Anonymous said...

Because it's American... that's how they always do... anywhere!

Sam said...

It's AMERICAN Superbike series, not Japanese or Italian. So American bikes must have special privileges.. they ARE American after all..?

T said...

I would like to know that answer to this also:

So we wonder how/why the Buell RR is being allowed to compete in the American Superbikes series at all…?!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it matters much. If previous Buells are any indication, it'll proved around as much competition as a moped would.

carboncanyon said...

AMERICAN or not, it's simply not sporting to allow them to cheat.

I really hope the USSB happens... The DMG can kindly disappear.

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