Monday, July 20, 2009

Flossie: Castrol’s robotic motorcycle test rider is totally cool!

That's not just any old robot who's sitting on the Fireblade, it's Flossie himself!

In their quest to develop the finest motorcycle engine oils, Castrol have recruited a new test rider – Flossie, the robot. ‘He is invaluable in tests which support our core product benefits such as increased power or increased acceleration,’ say Castrol.

Flossie (who isn’t related to a certain Rossi, as far as we know…) can test any scooter or motorcycle and has a ‘self learning’ mode that allows it to learn a bike’s gear change pattern, clutch feel and throttle response etc.

Castrol claim that Flossie is the ultimate precision rider who never gets tired, isn’t troubled by engine noise at 16,000rpm, doesn’t mind riding in extreme cold or heat… and doesn’t even crave a cold beer and a hamburger after a hard session of testing. And isn’t that just brilliant…

Here's Flossie in action. You don't want to miss watching this video!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm quite functional and efficient , but my choice for the job is still WALL-E .


Jim_X1 said...

Very cool indeed... though i do suspect castrol paid you to post this video here! Just kidding... ;-))

migv1 said...

A little disappointed - I was hoping to see a robot-piloted bike running at insane speeds on a test track. A bike on a dyno just isn't that exciting...


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