Monday, July 13, 2009

Grupo Francisco Hernando pull out of MotoGP, Sete Gibernau is left without a ride

Sete Gibernau's MotoGP comeback is over already...

Grupo Francisco Hernando have announced their retirement from MotoGP, due to financial constraints resulting from the ongoing economic recession. As a result of this, Sete Gibernau will not race in the remaining nine races of the 2009 MotoGP season.

‘I’m surprised at this decision. The team has fought hard to push this project ahead and on a personal level I believe we’ve met our targets at each race. It’s a pity that now, when we are getting closer to getting better results which we had hoped for, we have to leave,’ says Gibernau.

Hmmm... this is definitely a bad way to start to the week. And we don't suppose Gibernau has any chance of getting another MotoGP ride this year. Or even the next. This time, we guess he's retired for good... :-(


Anonymous said...

he's not good enough to deserve a ride in any of the other teams.

Jason Mentzer said...

Dude, it's not about Gibernau being good or bad, it's about the fact that right now MotoGP NEEDS all the teams and riders it can get.

I'm no fan of Gibernau but he and his team having to leave MotoGP is a bad, sad thing.

Mike said...

well, it's not like gibernau made much of his much hyped motogp comeback. he's been running at the back in most races this year and then there were the crashes and injuries. frankly, he simply doesn't seem to have the talent, commitment, focus and determination which he used to have some years ago. he should have stayed retired if you ask me!

connor reed said...

Like any sport, MotoGp needs more young and hungry competitors and fewer old, hangers-on.

Gibernau is representative of the aging sportsman who had his shot at fame but missed.

Now he's simply trying to prolong his exit from the sport by any means necessary - except winning.