Friday, July 10, 2009

Honda V4-engined super-tourer coming in 2010, may be called Pan European 1200

The new Honda V4-engined touring bike - perhaps to be called the VFR1200T - is coming next year
Pics: MCN

According to a report on MCN, Honda are working on the using the VFR1200’s V4 engine in an all-new touring bike, which is likely to be launched early next year. This bike, which could be called the Pan European 1200 or the VFR1200T, will share its engine, chassis, shaft-drive, single-sided swingarm, ABS, traction control, some suspension components and suspension adjustability with the yet-to-be-launched VFR1200, but will have different bodywork and reworked, more touring-oriented ergonomics.

The Honda V4 touring bike is also likely to be fitted with a semi-automatic gearbox that could offer clutchless manual shifting and which may even have a CVT-type fully automatic mode. Like the VFR12, the new tourer will also feature cylinder deactivation, where the V4 engine will be able to function as a parallel-twin, when the rider chooses to deactivate two of the engine’s cylinders.

In a move aimed at boosting its bikes’ fuel-efficiency, Honda is quite likely to offer the cylinder deactivation feature on its bigger sports-tourers and full-dress touring machines. This technology, which allows the rider to effectively deactivate half the engine when the extra performance is not needed, helps cut down on fuel consumption. Of course, the system automatically activates all cylinders when it senses that the rider wants full power – shift down a gear or two and wrench the throttle open, and everything comes back on, and off you go…

We’ll admit that none of the above has been officially confirmed by Honda but we’re also willing to bet that most – if not all – of it will turn out to be true when Honda’s new V4 bikes are officially unveiled later this year. Stay tuned for news on this one!


Anonymous said...

Japanese bikes are the best in the world.

lrider said...

So where does this leave the ST1300?

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