Saturday, July 25, 2009

Piaggio Ape Calessino Electric Lithium launched in Europe

The Piaggio Ape Calessino is now available with a lithium-ion battery pack instead of the regular diesel engine, even though the 'Lithium Electric' version does cost a massive $28,000

In keeping with its newfound ‘go green’ philosophy, Piaggio have launched a lithium-ion battery-powered version of its three-wheeler, the Ape Calessino. Originally designed in the 1950s as an inexpensive commercial vehicle for small businesses, the Ape three-wheeler series continues to thrive to this day, even though it’s now produced at Piaggio’s facility in India, rather than in Italy.

While the regular Ape Calessino is fitted with a 422cc DI diesel engine, Piaggio have now launched a limited-edition (only 100 units will be built) electric version, which is fitted with a lithium-ion battery pack rather than the conventional IC engine. The Ape Calessino Electric Lithium has a range of 75km and a full charge takes less than four hours. Power and torque figures are not quoted but Piaggio do claim the Calessino EV’s batteries are good for up to 800 recharge cycles and 60,000km.

The Ape Calessino Electric Lithium is priced at €19,900 (US$28,300) plus VAT. That's more than the price of a new Ducati 1198S, though for some, that may not matter... ;-))

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