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Randy Mamola rides BQR-Honda Moto2 bike, likes it

Randy Mamola says Moto2 bikes can be great fun...

Pics: Motociclismo

Randy Mamola, the former ‘Clown Prince’ of 500cc motorcycle grand prix racing, recently got to ride the BQR-Honda Moto2 bike and quite liked it. ‘I liked the idea of Moto2 from the beginning and now after having ridden the bike, I can confirm that Moto2 bikes are fun,’ said Mamola, speaking to Motociclismo. ‘The engine sounds like something from Formula 3 and it’s intoxicating.’

‘If you compare Moto2 bikes with 600cc supersports machines, I would say this is a real racing bike. I’ve been lucky to test many types of bikes and I can say that Moto2 cannot be compared to anything. The closest thing is a supersports machine, but the Moto2 bike’s level of performance and the way it works is completely different,’ says Randy.

‘A supersports racer is fast and goes well, but can be slow to respond on the track, as the chassis is essentially designed for street use. In Moto2, the chassis is designed for racing and the way it works – in terms of rigidity and being able to respond to the rider’s inputs – is completely Grand Prix,’ he adds.

So how does a Moto2 machine compare with a two-stroke 250 GP racer? ‘Compared with a 250, it’s much easier to ride – anyone who moves from two-stroke 250s to Moto2 will be surprised. Yes, 250s are incredibly responsive – more so than the Moto2 bike – and they are lighter and ‘racier.’ But it’s also easier to make mistakes on those bikes. The great thing about this is that Moto2 lets you get closer to the limit without being on the edge all the time,’ says Randy.

‘I think Moto2 will see some great battles. Just imagine a grid of over 30 bikes and the noise... this is going to be very good,’ says the man who’s probably ridden anything and everything with two wheels and a powerful engine. Hmmm… we’ll admit we haven’t been too happy with the idea of Moto2, its ‘control’ engines from Honda and many of its proposed rules and regulations, some of which seem completely outlandish to us. Still, we respect Mr Mamola’s opinions. Maybe Moto2 won’t be so bad after all? Next year, we’ll find out…

Mamola used to race fire-breathing two-stroke 500s, so we have to respect what he says about Moto2 machines. Contrary to what we first thought, maybe Moto2 will be more than just a bunch of tricked-out, heated-up CBR600s tearing around a track... :-))

BQR-Honda Moto2 race bike: Tech Specs

Engine: Liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 16-valve, DOHC, 599cc inline-four
Power: 140bhp
Gearbox: Six-speed
Chassis: BQR-designed aluminium beam frame
Suspension: 43mm USD fork, monoshock
Brakes: Twin 300mm discs with four-piston radial-mount callipers (front), single 200mm disc (rear)
Wheels: 17-inch
Tyres: 125/80 (front), 190/55 (rear). Tyres will be supplied by Michelin or Dunlop.
Weight: 135-137kg


walter said...

when did randy where a freddie-spencer helmet in GPs?

walter said...

pretty sure that #4 pic is of Mike Baldwin.

Anonymous said...

moto2 motor monomarca. Péssimo.

Anonymous said...

nothing can replace 2stroke motorcycle racing!!it will soon get boring with 4 stroke machines!damn,what the hell is going on with people nowadays.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much Honda paid Randy to say that, If the 2 strokes still beat the moto2 bikes, They will create another rule to restrict the 2 strokes. Motorcycle companies should pay attention to there customers demands, there are still many 21 stroke enthusiasts out there you noly have to see how much demand there still is for bikes and parts!!
SM sydney.

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