Friday, July 03, 2009

Rossi, Rainey, Lawson and Roberts go Kart racing at Laguna

What a pity that this wasn't a real 'race' but just a couple of exhibition laps...

Valentino Rossi, Wayne Rainey, Eddie Lawson and Kenny Roberts went Kart racing yesterday, at the 3.6km Laguna Seca circuit in the US. Er... well, actually it wasn’t a 'race' since there was no winner (Rossi did cross the finish line first, but the other three weren't really 'racing' him, so we don't know if that constitutes a win...), but the four greats did four exhibition laps of the Laguna circuit in specially prepared Karts that were fitted with Yamaha TZ250 engines. According to Yamaha, these Karts are 'just a couple of seconds slower than MotoGP bikes' around the Laguna circuit.

'I was bit nervous about the Superkarts before because I know how fast these things are! I sometimes drive one in Italy with friends, just for fun, but I know that Kenny, Eddie and Wayne like to race and they’re quite serious! Also this isn’t the easiest track. Anyway, it was great fun and I enjoyed myself a lot. The kart is quite incredible; the gearbox is very good and in the hard braking areas it’s really impressive. It feels very fast and it’s possible to have a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to getting back on my bike tomorrow however,' said Rossi.

The great Wayne Rainey talks about still being able to go fast in that Kart...

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