Thursday, July 02, 2009

T3 Motion unveils CT3 electric trike

The CT3 battery-powered trike
Via AutoblogGreen

The California, US-based T3 Motion Inc. have unveiled their latest electric vehicle, the CT3 trike, which is based on the company’s own CT Micro Car. According to T3 Motion, the CT3 three-wheeler ‘reflects the company’s vision for the future of personal commuter and professional fleet transportation.’

‘The CT3 represents our latest vision for electric vehicles from T3 Motion Inc. What we learnt from the T3 Series ESV and CT Micro Car NEV, we are applying to the CT3. The result is our first true consumer level vehicle,’ said Ki Nam, T3 Motion’s CEO.

The commuter version of the CT3 will be limited to a speed of 72km/h. Fitted with lithium-ion batteries and T3 Motion’s proprietary power management system, the CT3 features all-wheel drive, independent front and rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear), regenerative braking, aluminium chassis and a compact design that’s suitable for city use.

A special version of the CT3 – the CT3-S – which is capable of hitting a top speed of 130km/h and which delivers fuel efficiency that’s the EV equivalent of over 100mpg, is also competing for the Automotive X Prize in the alternative vehicle class. ‘It is energizing for T3 Motion to be alongside so many different interpretations of creating the 100mpg car,’ says Nam.

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