Friday, July 10, 2009

Titilla II: Valentino Rossi buys $1.15 million boat…

Rossi recently bought this Pershing 56 luxury yacht for a bit more than a million dollars and will pay about $13,000 per year in parking charges for the boat. Oh, the spoils of success... :-)

Via Motoblog

One of the highest earning sportspersons in the world, Valentino Rossi also knows how to live the good life – the reigning MotoGP world champ recently bought a brand new yacht for US$1.15 million. While Rossi’s last boat was called Tatilla, he’s named the new one (a Pershing 56) Titilla II. The luxury yacht is 56 feet long, has six beds (very useful, we’re sure…), can take up to 14 people and is powered by two engines that together produce 1,300 horsepower.

To keep his Pershing 56 Titilla II docked in the tourist bay of Vallugola, in Pesaro, and to keep a reserved car parking slot there, Rossi has to pay about US$13,200 every year. Hmm… if we didn’t so worship The Doctor, we’d almost be jealous. Anyway, time to go back to dreaming about the day when we can afford a new R1… :-((

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Miq-Tak said...

Maintenance, upkeep, crewing and insurance will vastly exceed dockage. But $13K is about an hours' work for him, he'll be OK.

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