Saturday, July 25, 2009

Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo to use Dainese D-air Racing system during the British MotoGP

Rossi and Lorenzo will use Dainese's D-air system during the British Grand Prix tomorrow...

For the first time ever, Valentino ‘The Doctor’ Rossi will a racing suit fitted with Dainese’s D-air airbag system during the British GP at Donington Park tomorrow. According to Dainese, Rossi has been following the D-air project closely and has even worked with the Dainese Technology Centre, providing them with data that has helped Dainese fine-tune various aspects of its airbag system.

While Jorge Lorenzo also used a D-air equipped suit at the German MotoGP last weekend, it was actually Marco Simoncelli who was the first rider to use the system during a race. Simoncelli used the D-air system back in 2007, during the 250cc race at Valencia. Since then, Dainese have worked hard at refining and improving the airbag, resulting in the current, 2009 version which will be used by Rossi and Lorenzo tomorrow.

Among others, improvements to the D-air system include a reduction in the volume of the airbag and a 20% reduction in weight, redistribution of its protective areas, improved integration with the racing suit and increased inflation pressure for quicker activation. After inflating in the event of an accident, the D-air system also allows automatic deflation of the airbag after a few seconds, allowing the rider to get back into the race if possible.

‘I believe this to be an extremely important innovation. After my falls in Laguna Seca, I no longer had any doubt that it was time to start wearing this new suit, which certainly offers more safety than the standard suit. It takes a little time to get used to wearing the new suit, but I feel much safer with the system on and that’s the most important thing,’ says Lorenzo.

Here's how the D-air airbag system works...


Sam said...

Well, both Rossi & Lorenzo crashed, but neither of them got their Dainese cherries popped.. :)

B said...

Yeah, wtf??? Maybe you gotta fly head first into the wall for those things to deploy???

Rossi is bloody amazing-- love that he lapped the Marlboro team.

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