Tuesday, August 18, 2009

About clicking on and downloading photos on Faster and Faster

Some of our readers have written in, saying they are unhappy with how photos are being hosted on Faster and Faster. The main concern voiced is having to click something on an external site after clicking on the picture itself on Faster and Faster.

Well, here's a quick explanation. Faster and Faster is hosted on Blogger/Blogspot, which is where our pics also used to be hosted earlier. Some months ago, however, we exhausted our 1GB limit that Blogger enforces for pics.

Hence, we now have to host our images on free image hosting services like Imagevenue and Imageshack. Now, while you may have to endure pop-up advertisements from these sites, these sites are in no way malicious or unsafe. There is no virus, no malicious code and nothing to worry about - just click on the pics and download them as you used to earlier.

While hosting the pics on Blogger/Blogspot may have been ideal, please understand that that is no longer possible. Using services like Imagevenue or Imageshack DOES NOT earn us any extra revenue. We're using these services simply because we don't have any other option.

So, please bear with us and don't worry when clicking on any pics on Faster and Faster since both Imagevenue and Imageshack are TOTALLY SAFE sites, and your computer is NOT AT ANY RISK if you go to these sites and download our pictures from there.

Update (19th Aug., 2009): Since most readers were complaining about inappropriate ads that were being served up by Imagevenue, we've stopped using that service. From now on, we're only using Imageshack, which does not serve up adult ads. We hope this will sort out any problems that you may have had in the past.


Anonymous said...

How about delete old images, or make them smaller, to make space available?

I am sure many of the old images can be reduced alot in size without reducing its purpose :)

freddyb said...

I like to browse your site at work...I know, I know, bad employee, right? Anyway, the image hosting service you use frequently has "inappropriate" ads. While shots of motorcycles zipping around a track and umbrella girls posing for the camera do not draw the attention of our IT team, these "adult" ads from the image hosting sites certainly could.

Also, I don't like the comment system which requires comments to be approved by the site admin. If my comment is rejected, I never know what happened to it.

Otherwise, keep up the good work. I enjoy the site a lot. Thanks!

tmr j pnr said...

Try using flickr...

Faster and Faster said...

We are trying to find a free image hosting service that's fast, free and reliable. For now, of everything we've tried, Imagevenue and Imageshack seem to be the best.

If our readers can suggest an image hosting service which they think may be more suitable, please make your suggestions here in the comments section or send them in to sameer.kumar.1@gmail.com

As for the comments being moderated, that is again necessary simply because of the spam, abusive language and personal attacks that are often posted in Comments.

- Team Faster and Faster

Anonymous said...

1000% OK with Freddyb. I've been very surprised to get some pop ups advertising for "young amateurs" while downloading a Rossi pic...please priviledge Imageshack that is free of these king of pop ups rather than Imagevenue I cannot thus trust anymore....

Cheers from Paris,


Anonymous said...

How bouts a new server

Dreamon said...

The photobucket.com is a very good image hosting service.

I use it for my blog.

You have a very interesting motoblog, keep on!

unsub said...

You guys are doing a great job.

Adults should know better than to access an entertainment site while at work, and as for the friend finder pop-up, who really cares unless you're clicking through.

I love that you host hi-rez pix for free as I'm sure the complainers do too.

I'd rather kill a free pop-up than have pay-per-view wallpapers.

Thanks for an excellent site.
Best regards

Anonymous said...

If you've run out of space why don't you put the OLD images on the external service instead of the most recent ones? I'm sure most viewers would prefer that option.

tim said...

Seems like the only area where I have had problems with inappropriate pop up is when clicking on Moto GP pictures. And it does not matter if I'm browsing uring my lunch hour at work or at home on my own time, I should not have to be subjected to x rated amateur web cams popping up from clicking on Rossi, Pendrosa or the paddock chicks. Faster and Faster is a great site. Thanks for taking corrective action!

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