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Colin Edwards: The Texas Tornado talks...

Colin Edwards. Been there, done that and raced it too...

Colin Edwards, who’s been racing in MotoGP since 2003, hasn’t actually won a MotoGP race ever. He frequently finishes in the top five and has got many podium finishes, but he’s never won a race. Which is actually a bit weird, because Edwards has been a top-level pro racer since the early-1990s. He raced for Yamaha and then Honda in World Superbikes, winning world championships aboard the Honda RC51 SP-1 and SP-2 in 2000 and 2002.

Edwards came to MotoGP in 2003, with Aprilia, but the RS3 Cube racebike performed very poorly and it was a disastrous season for Colin, who moved to Honda for 2004. He then came to ride for Yamaha in 2005 and continues with the Tech3 Yamaha team today.

Thirty-five years old now, Colin ‘The Texas Tornado’ Edwards has some interesting things to say about his ex-team mate Valentino Rossi, about MotoGP and about… racing in general. Here are some quotes from the man:

‘The guy has stopped impressing me a long time ago because he just seems to do it all the time. But what is it? I don't know what it is. You could say he's getting in the zone, but I think he's maybe permanently stuck there!’
On the brilliance of six-time MotoGP world champ Valentino Rossi (June 2008)

‘I ride a lot better when I'm pissed off. Always seemed to have.’
On finishing third despite dropping to last place on Lap 1 of the Dutch TT at Assen (July 2008)

‘I like the night race. I think it's a cool little scenario. It's something special; you only have one a year. It's something a little bit different. I tend to ride faster when I can't see where I'm going. Everything works out better that way.’
On the night race at Qatar (April 2009)

‘Well, you can take that carbonfibre shell. I don't want anything to do with that. When I crash, I want to get as far away from all that action as possible. That's the mentality of a motorcycle racer. It’s like, I want to get away. It's just me, with a whole road of gravel. Not me and some 2,000-pound vehicle fricking hurling into a wall. I'm out on that gig.’
On motorcycle racers vs car racers, when it comes to crashing (June 2009)

‘I think they've done a good job to try and screw everything up, after all the changes to the track. When I first started going there on Superbikes, the track was just amazing. If you messed up one corner, hell, it'd screw you up for four corners down the road. They’ve butchered it. I don’t know, man. This gets back into politics and all this other stuff why they changed it. Welcome to socialism.’
His opinion of changes to the circuit at Assen, Netherlands (June 2009)

‘That Turn 1 is still a mother. It doesn't even look like a turn. But honestly, going over that thing, fifth gear tapped, it will put a little pucker in your buttocks region occasionally if you did it wrong.’
On racing at the Laguna Seca circuit (June 2009)

‘Everybody has got it. Traction control, anti-wheelie control, frickin' scratch-your-ass-while-you’re-racing control; whatever control it is, there's always some new thing they’re coming out with ... Our cornering speeds right now are so just astronomical that if you didn't have traction control, man, you would be in orbit every other frickin race.’
On the use of electronics in MotoGP (July 2009)

Man, Colin, we don’t know what to say. We just hope you win a race in MotoGP before you quit, you old dog!

Via Roadracing World, Indianapolis MotoGP

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