Sunday, August 16, 2009

Confederate P120 Fighter Combat unveiled

The Confederate P120 Fighter Combat. Very impressive...
Via Autoblog

Confederate Motors Inc. recently unveiled their latest machine – the P120 Fighter Combat – at the Quail motorsports gathering in Carmel, during the Pebble Beach car week. Why unveil a motorcycle at what’s essentially a car event? ‘Considering the level of discerning motorsport enthusiasts gathered from around the world in one place at one time, we could not think of a better forum at which to unveil our cutting-edge Fighter Combat,’ says Matt Chambers, CEO and founder, Confederate Motors. Oh, well...

The Confederate P120 Fighter Combat – only 120 units of which will be built – is fitted with a 1,966cc twin-cylinder engine that produces 160 horsepower (measured at the rear wheel) and 182Nm of torque. The bike’s monocoque chassis is made of aircraft-grade aluminium and the P120 weighs 207kg.

The gearbox is a close-ratio five-speed unit and the suspension is comprised of a double wishbone setup at the front and fully adjustable monoshock at the back. Brakes are from Brembo, with carbon-ceramic discs and radial-mount four-piston callipers. The bike rides on 19-inch (front) and 18-inch (rear) wheels, and the top speed... ...probably doesn't matter.

For more details, visit the Confederate Motors website here

The P120's price hasn't been announced yet, but this is one of those bikes where if you have to ask...

A video of the P120 Combat Fighter

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