Friday, August 21, 2009

GP Motorsports to sell Aprilia-powered, Ilmor-framed streetbike

A Moto2 racebike for the street? That's what this Aprilia-engined, Ilmor-framed bike seems to be. Not bad, if GPM can sell it for less than $25,000

According to a report on MCN, the UK-based GP Motorsports will soon be selling a street legal sportsbike fitted with a tuned Aprilia SXV550 engine. The bike, which is likely to cost about £15,000 (US$24,675) will be fitted with a chassis that’s identical to the one used on Ilmor’s 2007 MotoGP bikes.

Codenamed Project 109, the Aprilia-engined, Ilmor-framed bike will be built in very limited numbers – only 10 will be offered for sale, while GP Motorsports will five of the bikes with them for their own use. The bikes will be fitted with Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes, and the Aprilia v-twin will be tuned for 75bhp, which should make for interesting performance in a package that weighs just 90 kilos dry.


John van Houten said...

The 'perfect' sports motorcycle from where I stand. Shame that nobody has the courage to really put it into production (only 10 will be offered :-/. Come on Aprilia! you have a fantastic little engine, it just being wasted by only offering it to the off-road guys :-(((

Paul said...

This is exactly the sort of Bike that should/could be sold to the trackday guys for the ultimate handling machine.

Imagine how good this would turn with just 95KG wet (Approx). Plus the superb Aprilia engine at 75bhp would make the sublime partnership of lightness and power. Come on guys 10 bikes, I think you could sell at least a 1,000 of these if you put them in the hands of a few Motobike Mags and asked them to test them. How about their own 1 make race series, with NO additional parts/tuning allowed.

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