Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Millyard Viper V10: Allen Millyard builds 8.0-litre V10-engined streetbike

The Millyard Viper V10. We're left speechless...

British engineer Allen Millyard, who’s built some pretty insane Kawasaki specials in the past, is at it again. And this time, he’s built a hugely impressive street-legal motorcycle that’s powered by an 8,400cc, 500-horsepower V10 from the Dodge Viper. No high-res pictures yet, but do watch the video below – the bike looks and sounds truly, deeply, madly AWESOME! Mr Millyard proves that for now, motorcycling is safe from lithium-ion batteries and electric motors...

We wrote to Allen and asked him what most people think about his Viper V10 bike. 'There are a lot of idiots out there that think I made it to compete with a Yamaha R1 and should be doing burnouts, wheelies and scraping the pegs,' he says. 'I must say that it does go around corners very well for a 600kg bike and I only have 10mm wide chicken strips on the back tyre. I made the Viper because I like making and riding unusual motorcycles.' Amen.

The Millyard Viper V10, in action. Completely insane!!!


Hawktane said...

That sounds awesome! Looks like a long reach to the bars though.

Alex Wolf said...

um...did we just all the sudden forget about Dodge's Tomahawk that they made a few years back? Utilized a viper engine as well, 4 tires, 2 thick but narrow tires up front and in the back to keep traction, etc. THAT was an awesome bike! this looks like it's just supposed to be the tomahawk's casual touring cousin, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

@:Alex Wolf
The tomahawk was an utter design failure. A bike that could not be ridden, so to speak, because of its retarded suspension geometry, and utterly stupid 4-wheel engineering "brain-fart." Dodge apparently never got the memo that motorcycles are supposed to have 2 wheels, not 4.

The millyard v10 just takes the idea of a viper-powered bike and turns it into something that is actually usable for more than just a show-piece.


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