Sunday, August 30, 2009

MotoGP 3D: For those who really like to watch…!

All good? Now imagine watching this in 3D...!
Via MotoGP

Very soon, you may have The Doctor and his MotoGP squad literally jumping out at you from your TV screens at home. All right, not really, but Dorna and 3D digital video specialists, PACE, conducted a successful trial of the latest high definition 3D Fusion camera systems, during the US MotoGP event at Laguna Seca last month.

Vince Pace (Founder – PACE) and his team shot some track footage at Laguna this year, with what’s essentially the same 3D camera technology that’s been used to shoot James Cameron's forthcoming sci-fi movie, Avatar. The 3D Fusion system relies on a dual lens system to capture left- and right-eye imagery separately, allowing the recreation of field perception depth during post-production. The system uses two HD camera bodies and a special acquisition rig to shoot 3D video.

Produced only for evaluation, a three-minute 3D video clip from Laguna was recently shown to Dani Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo and a few others at Indianapolis and feedback is said to have been ‘overwhelmingly positive.’

‘It was amazing. I saw a brief demonstration in Laguna, but this was more detailed today. When you see the images it's really impressive; it's like actually being there at the racetrack,’ says Pedrosa. ‘I saw MotoGP and I knew that this was the sport that would showcase our 3D technology to best effect,’ says VFX specialist John Bruno, who planned the 3D trial shoot at Laguna Seca.

‘Everyone at Pace is looking forward to working with Dorna in the future, to bring this unique 3D experience to MotoGP viewers worldwide,’ says Vince Pace. ‘It's imperative that, as the leading two-wheeled motorsports championship in the world, we keep abreast of all emerging video technologies, and see how they may be used to enhance the service we provide to our broadcast partners,’ adds Manel Arroyo, MD, Dorna.

We don’t suppose we’ll be watching MotoGP in 3D glory on our television screens for at least another few years, but when it finally happens, it’ll probably just be mind-blowing!!

For those who may be interested in knowing more about this 3D technology, visit the Broadcast Engineering website here

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