Thursday, August 06, 2009

Red Fenix’s US$144,000 Ducati 1198RF

Some people must spend another $100,000 before they're finally happy with their Ducati 1198S!

Via Motociclismo

For those who’d rather have something a bit more exclusive than a regular Ducati 1198S, Red Fenix have spent about 100,000 euros (US$144,000) and built the 1198RF. They started with a ‘basic’ 1198S and proceeded to give it a very significant makeover.

The 11098S’s regular forged aluminium wheels have been replaced with lighter 17-inch magnesium alloy wheels from Marvic (16.5-inch wheels are an option for track use only), shod with Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa rubber. The stock 45mm Öhlins fork has been replaced with a 47mm K-Service item and the bike’s wheelbase has been reduced slightly, in accordance with Ducati’s World Superbikes machine. And yes, most of the bodywork is now carbonfibre.

According to Red Fenix, the above changes make for enhanced stability and more accurate steering around fast bends. The Ducati Traction Control (DTC) system, which is calibrated from zero to 8, is set on 4 on the 1198RF. The front brake discs have been repositioned for better cooling and the Brembo units are said to offer massive stopping power, needing just one finger on the lever to haul the bike down from triple-digit speeds.

The 1198RF’s engine has been fettled by the Milan-based Desmolupo and features a host of performance mods to provide an additional 10-11 horsepower. Which probably means that for about five times the price of a regular Ducati 1198S, you get a machine that’s a bit faster and handles a bit better. Now you decide if you want one…

If you want a hotter Ducati, you can either spend $144,000 on your bike. Or just get a hot chick to stand next to it...

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