Saturday, September 26, 2009

2010 Aprilia RSV4 R announced

The 2010 Aprilia RSV4 R makes do with cheaper components and less adjustability, but is as powerful and looks just as cool as the more expensive Factory version. And we think Mr Biaggi agrees with that

Aprilia have announced the 2010 RSV4 R, a cheaper (okay, a relatively less expensive) version of the RSV4 Factory. Instead of Ohlins suspension, the RSV4 R gets a Showa fork and Sachs shock, its 60-degree V4 makes do with aluminium parts instead of the Factory’s magnesium bits, and the chassis isn’t adjustable for swingarm pivot point, steering head angle and engine position.

Still, the significantly cheaper RSV4 R’s Showa/Sachs suspension is fully adjustable and the engine still produces 180bhp (though we suspect it may not be able to rev as high and/or as quickly as the RSV4 Factory’s engine). Also, with its ride-by-wire electronics, the bike still has three ride modes – Race, Sport and Road – for optimised power delivery for whatever conditions you might encounter.

If you can live with plastic instead of carbonfibre trim, aluminium instead of forged magnesium wheels and a bit more weight (the R weighs 184kg, about five kilos more than the Factory), the RSV4 R just might be the Aprilia for you. The bike is expected to cost about £11,800-12,400 in the UK, which would be around 20-24% cheaper than the higher-spec Factory version. In the US, the RSV4 Factory is priced at $21,000 while the RSV4 R is significantly cheaper, at $16,000.

Plastic instead of carbonfibre, aluminium instead of magnesium and Showa/Sachs instead of Ohlins. But the RSV4 R is also at least 20% less expensive than the Factory

Not too bad at all!

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