Saturday, September 05, 2009

2010 Honda CBR600RR announced

The 2010 Honda CBR600RR gets a new 'special edition' paintjob (above), but there no other cosmetic or mechanical changes have been made to the bike

The 2010 Honda CBR600RR continues as before, with no mechanical or cosmetic changes. C-ABS is still available as an option (an absolute must-have, in our opinion) and a new paint scheme is available, that incorporates a woman’s face in a stylised, high-contrast pattern. We’d much rather stick to the very cool red-white-and-blue or all-black paintjobs though, thanks very much.

Available accessories for the 2010 CBR600RR include a black-tinted windscreen, colour-matched seat cowl, colour-coordinated racing stickers, lots of carbonfibre parts and a special ECU calibrated for C-ABS circuit usage.

Pricing and availability details for the new Honda CBR600RR to be added here soon.

The red-white-blue and all-black paint schemes look best on the 600RR


Anonymous said...

some pics of the actual bike would be awesome

Transporter said...

Because it is so new, some of the dealerships here in Florida have been able to sell them at a premium. One of my friends recently bought one from a dealership in the midwest and was able to get a bit of a deal on the price and then had a motorcycle shipping company bring it to him. Just an option if you are trying to get the best bike for your buck. Personally I have 2007 CBR and really considering upgrading and seeing how the ABS bikes feel. Sadly bikes are like computers and every few years you feel out of date!

Anonymous said...

I bought the 2010 Leyla scheme 600rr only because I knew it would be a while before anyone else had one. Just went to the motogp in Indy this weekend and it got a lot of attention. Didn't get one negative comment and they had never seen it before. Over a thousand bikes showed up and mine was the only one. It's a beautiful bike.

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