Friday, September 11, 2009

2010 Suzuki GSX1250FA unveiled

The 2010 Suzuki GSX1250FA, for those who want a touring-spec Bandit

Via Motoblog

Suzuki have released pics of the 2010 GSX1250FA, a sports-tourer based on the GSF1250 Bandit, but with a full fairing and racier ergonomics. The bike is fitted with the same 1255cc inline-four, suspension components and steel tube chassis as the Bandit, but the GSX-R-style nose, fairing and exhaust system are different. ABS is optional and specially designed hard luggage is available from the factory.

To be honest, we don’t like this bike very much. It looks like a dated, hodge-podge, parts-bin special. The new Bandit looks so much better. Anyway, the Suzuki GSX125FA is expected to cost a bit less than 10,000 euro (US$14,600) and will be launched early next year.

We're sure it's a competent machine, but did they have to make it look so dull?

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Anonymous said...

The whole idea, is some-what retro. It is not supposed to be, the latest/greatest.
At 10,000 Euro's, you guys are getting ripped off. Here in Canada, we are looking at $11.500 CAD. Thats like 8,500 Euro's. Anyway i think its a good bang, for the buck.


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