Thursday, September 10, 2009

2010 Yamaha FZ6R announced

The Yamaha FZ6R gets new colours and graphics for 2010

For those who want something that’s not as all-out intense and track-focused as the R6, Yamaha have the non-intimidating, leaner-friendly FZ6R and the 2010 version has just been announced. Nothing seems to have changed over the earlier model but, of course, new colours and graphics are available. Prices start at US$7,390.

For more details and a list of the 2010 FZ6R's features and specs, visit the Yamaha website here


Anonymous said...

Thanks to my fellow, silly American riders, the much superior FZ6 has been discontinued and replaced with this "downgraded" model. Why kill the FZ6 and keep the FZ6R? Apparently you can't sell a motorcycle here in the USA unless it's covered with gaudy plastic fairings.

I'm not sure that I'll ever understand that, but at least I already have my FZ6 and Yamaha is still selling the good model overseas.

Anonymous said...

Totally rediculous that this greatly inferior motorcycle is taking over from the FZ6, the bike that earned the name such renown.
You would have to be crazy to waste money on one of these if a real FZ6 was available, even if its a few years old and used.

Anonymous said...

shut up you idiot, American riders are the best and will smoke you any day, and I don't care where you come from, we will come over there like Kenny Roberts and smoke you on your own track.

Anonymous said...

"American riders will smoke you anyday?" Thanks for making us sound like pricks, dude. The FZ6 is a great bike. The FZ6R is offered for women. Men will have to look at the FZ1 or another manufacturer.

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