Saturday, September 19, 2009

BMW S1000RR: UK prices announced

BMW S1000RR Markus HofmannBMW S1000RR Markus Hofmann
The best production superbike on the planet, yours for a mere £12,235...
BMW S1000RR Markus HofmannBMW S1000RR Markus Hofmann

BMW Motorrad have announced pricing for the S1000RR in the UK. The standard model costs ‘an extremely competitive’ £10,950 (including 15% VAT) OTR, while the ‘Sport’ specification model is priced at £12,235 OTR. The S1000RR Sport comes factory fitted with Sports ABS, Dynamic Traction Control and Gearshift Assist.

Customers who buy the standard model can also choose to have individual extras fitted to their bike. These are Race ABS (£785), Race ABS + Dynamic Traction Control (£1,199), Gear Shift Assist (£299), Anti-theft Alarm (£172) and BMW Motorrad Motorsport colour scheme (£390).

‘In the UK, we have worked very hard to launch the S1000RR into the competitive supersport sector at a realistic and affordable price. The standard model offers excellent value for money [and] with the introduction of the higher specification Sport variant, we can offer supersports customers a simple choice of specifications that will also significantly benefit the bike’s residual values,’ says Ian Furse, BMW Motorrad’s national sales manager in the UK.

To quickly recap, the BMW S1000RR weighs 183kg dry and 206.5kg in road trim. The bike’s inline-four makes 193 horsepower at 13,000rpm and 112Nm of torque at 9,750rpm. The S1000RR’s engine features high-speed, ultra-strong valve drive with individual cam followers and titanium valves, following the example of BMW’s Formula 1 engines.

The S1000RR has four riding modes, which the rider can select with the push of a button. These modes have been designed to optimise the bike’s performance on wet surfaces, regular roads, race tracks with sports tyres, and race tracks with slicks. BMW claim the S1000RR is the only supersport machine to offer Race ABS, DTC Dynamic Traction Control and engine management modes in combination. Also, the bike’s unique ‘Gearshift Assistant’ enables riders to ‘speed shift’ up through the gears without using the clutch and with no interruption in torque or pulling power.

UK buyers can book their bikes now, deliveries will start in January 2010.

Yes, the S1000RR looks good...
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hardboiled said...

Now that... is nice!!! At long last BMW have brought out a bike that looks like it means business!

neil said...

Nice i think i'll order the sports model and i'll have to order yet another set of leathers.

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