Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Honda dual clutch transmission for bigger sportsbikes announced

Honda's dual clutch transmission will first be used on the 2010 VFR1200

Honda are claiming a ‘world first’ with their new dual clutch transmission for large displacement sportsbikes. ‘The new transmission provides riders with a sporty riding experience, combined with easy operation and superior transmission efficiency, which delivers fuel economy equal to or better than a conventional manual transmission,’ says a press release from Honda.

The first bike to be equipped with this new dual clutch transmission will be the 2010 Honda VFR1200, which will first be offered in Europe and North America, followed by Japan.

Honda’s dual clutch transmission can be used with existing engines without substantial layout modification. The transmission is equipped with three operating modes, including two full-auto modes (D-mode for regular operation and S-mode for sporty riding), and a six-speed manual mode, which delivers the same shift feel as a manual transmission.

Apart from the VFR1200, Honda also plans to gradually expand the deployment of the new transmission to more of its large-displacement motorcycles, particularly sportsbikes. So does that mean the 2011 Fireblade will be equipped with a dual clutch transmission? Probably, yes!

Honda's new CV-Matic transmission, for scooters and small bikes

Moving on to smaller bikes, Honda have also announced the CV-Matic, a new automatic transmission for Cub-style scooters and other small bikes. ‘This new fully automatic transmission further enhances the practicality and convenience of Cub-type models. The new system will be available with Cub-style scooters to be released in the ASEAN region starting in 2010,’ says a Honda press release.

‘The CV-Matic features a new cooling system developed on the basis of Honda's small-motorcycle automatic transmission technology, which protects the drive belt from the high temperatures it is subjected to. This enhances the durability of the drive belt and allows for the more compact design with a shorter distance between pulleys. Thanks to this development, the positioning of the engine does not need to be significantly altered, optimizing layout design freedom,’ says the press release.

Honda test rider Dave Hancock talks about the new VFR1200...


walter said...

"manual mode" for a dual-clutch trans?

sounds like it'll be a pushbutton shifting setup, as i cant understand how you'd control 2 clutch-packs going in opposite directions with 1 clutch lever!

Anonymous said...

Honda does not want you to have fun.

Jeremiah H said...

Push button better for racing?
MotoGP tech for the street?
Or a big buzzkill...
Hope not.

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