Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kevin Schwantz on the 1993 Suzuki RGV500: “Everything about it was awesome!”

Kevin 'Revvin' Schwantz and his two-stroke 500cc Suzuki RGV500 were an unbeatable combo in 1993, when Schwantz won the 500cc world title

Kevin Schwantz rode a few demo laps around the Indianapolis circuit, just before the MotoGP event there on Sunday. Schwantz rode the same two-stroke 500cc V4-engined Suzuki RGV500 which he rode in 1993, the year when he won the 500cc motorcycle grand prix road racing world championship.

‘Any time you get to get up on something that is that fast, even though the new modern stuff is a little more refined, to get on something that has got that raw power and that light weight with the acceleration and the stopping, everything about it was awesome,’ said Schwantz, who rode Suzuki’s 500cc two-stroke GP bike for the first time since his retirement in 1995.

‘This bike was the championship-winning bike in 1993, so it's been in mothballs since. This is the first public outing on any track of any significance, for sure. I was piling down the straightaway and doing things that fast. It was awesome,’ said Schwantz.

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