Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Suzi Perry is UK bikers’ fantasy passenger

Would you ride with Suzi Perry? We would...

According to a recent poll conducted by motorcycle insurance specialists, Devitt, the pillion rider UK motorcyclists would love to take with them most is 39-year-old TV presenter Suzi Perry. Of all the motorcyclists that took part in the survey, 25% said their ideal passenger would be their partner, while 13% said they would rather ride solo.

In second place in the UK riders’ ‘fantasy pillion’ list is pop artist Kylie Minogue, followed by Valentino Rossi in third, Angelina Jolie in fourth and Jennifer Aniston in fifth place. Megan Fox, Ewan McGregor, Jesus Christ and Brad Pitt take up places six to nine, while 10th place is a tie between Barry Sheene, Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz and Pink.

Hmmm… and who would we take on our bike? Of course, Kevin Schwantz!

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