Monday, September 21, 2009

Video: Kane Friesen’s 219km/h stoppie!

Kane Friesen pulls a stoppie at 219km/h. Respect is due...
Via Oliepeil

Canadian stunt-rider, Kane ‘Insane’ Friesen holds the world’s fastest stoppie record, which he set on his 2006 Kawasaki ZX-10R, beating Gary Rothwell’s 156.8km/h stoppie record set in 2002. Kane, who’s longest wheelie was over 19km long and who longest stoppie was over 900ft, lists pink as his favourite colour, Stephen King as his favourite author and ‘Chinese food, in Tokyo’ as his favourite food. And before he started his stunt riding career, he was a professional body piercer. Hmm…


Anonymous said...

Destroyed? Not really... last record was not Gary Rothwells @ 157km/h but Craig Jones on a Buell in 2003 @ 208km/h. That stopie also happened to get in the Guines book of records as the longest stoppie ever @ 266 meters or 873 feet.
Google Craig Jones Harley or follow link

Nick Keramopoulos said...

"Gary Rothwell’s 156.8km/h stoppie record set in 2002"

Craig Jones pulled a 208km/h stoppie in 2003,

"Front wheel stoppie on a Buell XB12R set a distance of 266 metres from a terminal speed of 130mph (208kmh)"
Here is the link

It also happens to be the longest.

Thank you for your time.

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