Monday, October 05, 2009

2010 Kawasaki Z1000 gets new engine and chassis

The 2010 Kawasaki Z1000 gets redesigned bodywork, new engine and new chassis!

Kawasaki have released some details of the 2010 Z1000, which gets a significant style makeover as well as a new engine. While the earlier Z was fitted with the 953cc engine from the discontinued ZX-9R, the 2010 model gets an all-new 1,043cc inline-four and to go with that, a new aluminium beam frame, revised rear suspension (new, horizontally mounted monoshock) and restyled wheels as well.

The 2010 Z1000 looks notably more muscular and aggressive than its predecessor and at the US$10,500 the price is about right. Should be interesting to see if it can hold its own against machines like the Ducati Streetfighter and the new Brutale 1090RR.

Update: For a riding impression of the new Z1000, see here


Anonymous said...

That is insane! Bet the engine will be a real fire breather too!

Anonymous said...

Only problem with most new bikes, is that they are designed for people 5'3".. with gymnast flexibility :-( Big dorks like me get relegated to Harleys and Gold wings.

Rob said...

I'm over 6' tall, but couldn't resist renting a Ducati Streetfighter while on vacation in France. Thought it was going to be painful, but actually was more than OK. No aching knees after riding.

Awesome roads down there and a cool choice of motorcycles at Columbus in Cannes. Here the link:

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