Monday, October 05, 2009

2010 Kawasaki ZX-10R revealed, looks dull

A black-painted exhaust, mildly reworked bodywork and a new steering damper - that seems to be the extent of changes on the 2010 Kawasaki ZX-10R

For 2010, it seems Kawasaki aren’t even trying to take on the R1, Fireblade and GSX-R1000. The 2010 ZX-10R doesn’t seem to have any significant updates and looks just plain dull. All right, it still has that 200bhp (with ram air) engine, the exhaust system has been redesigned, the revised bodywork takes its styling cues from the ZX-6R and a new Öhlins steering damper has been bolted on. But in the hyper-competitive litre-class superbike segment, is that going to be enough? We don’t think so.

We guess Kawasaki have big plans for the 2011 ZX-10R, which will supposedly be an all-new, completely redesigned bike. But if you have to have the big Ninja right now, the 2010 ZX-10R is priced at US$13,000.

The ZX-6R and ZZR1400 remain unchanged for 2010, except for colours/graphics


Anonymous said...

I dunno about you guys, but I think it looks great. The only things I didn't like about the last model was the ugly exhaust and rear huge fender. Not such a fan of the angular mirrors either.

The ZX6R styling cues look... interesting.

Jack Cullen said...

Guess Kaw are working with severely restricted resources hence the limited development work on the 10R. The 2009 R1 has anyway made sure other manufacturers have a lot of catching up to do. But next year I'm sure Kwacker will be back in a BIG way. Cheers to that! :-)

Anonymous said...

pity poor chris vermeulen who will be riding the ZX-10R in World Superbikes in 2010. poor sod. melandri and hopkins ruined their careers with kawasaki and now it's verm's turn. come on Kawasaki, pull up your socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fireblade_Matt said...

I won't say the 2010 ZX-10R is "dull" but yes it'll probably not be able to keep up with its liter class competition next year. the R1 and the 1198 are the bikes to have in this segment. even the 'Blade and GSX-R1000 are not too bad. between the 8 of us, me and my mates own all current japanese liter class bikes and the zx-10 is usually at the back of the bunch whenever we go out riding.

kawasaki will have to put in some super serious effort if they want to catch up with the others in 2011.

George1976 said...

come on, the new Zxxer ain't all that bad. I love it's bad boy image and the raw riding experience. maybe y'all are too soft for the green meanie...? ;-))

Anonymous said...

The 2004-05 ZX-10R was the best. After that it's all been downhill for the 10R. Kawasaki needs to do something about it and do it quickly. The ZX-6R styling also doesn't work on the 10R... the bike looks just plain ugly.

Anonymous said...

I agree, 04'-05' was the best so far. I think Kawasaki will try to get back to the roots with the 2011. At least I hope so. Awaiting eagerly to actually see the thing without "teasing"! Don't like that they are doing-it, just show the product!

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