Friday, October 09, 2009

2010 Yamahas get… new colours, revised ECUs!!!

The 2010 Yamaha R6 gets new colours and an ECU upgrade

Yamaha have announced the 2010 YZF-R6 and, well, apart from new colours the bike seems to the same as the 2009 model. Yamaha claim the R6’s ECU has been remapped and the exhaust system has been redesigned, for a bit more torque at lower revs and improved mid-range power delivery.

The other ‘new’ bike announced for 2010 is the European-spec XJ6 Diversion F, which comes with a new fairing for improved aerodynamics and weather protection. The bike is available in blue and black, ABS is optional.

The 2010 Yamaha FZ1 and FZ1 Fazer also get revised ECU mapping for more consistent low- and mid-range power delivery.

And finally, there’s the 2010 Yamaha TMax, which is now in its 10th year of production and is now available in white, with a two-tone seat and titanium-polished wheels.

Yamaha say they understand if you aren’t thrilled to bits with their 2010 bikes. No, well, they don’t. But we do wish their 'new' bikes were a bit more exciting…

From top: The 2010 Yamaha FZ1, XJ6 F Diversion, TMax, YZF-R1, Fazer and XJ6 get new colours and revised ECUs. The lack of new bits notwithstanding, we're still in love with the R1. Truly, deeply, madly. We just want The R One!
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