Monday, October 05, 2009

Gigi, Zário: Brazil’s motorcycle-riding comic book characters go live

Gigi is Brazilian, has superpowers, rides fast motorcycles and... is suitably well endowed. Soon, you'll be able to read about her adventures in a new comic book series. Or, well, at least look at the pics

Brazil now has a new comic book series – Mangá Sobre Motos – where the two lead characters save the world (we suppose…) while riding their sportsbikes. The two characters – Gigi and Zário – are drawn in the Japanese manga style and are inspired by Gisele Flores (one of Brazil’s top female motorcycle racers) and Jaime Nazário (Gisele’s real life husband and also a motorcycle racer).

With their magical superpowers, Gigi and Zário will do the usual superhero stuff like fighting evil and saving the world. And because all of this will happen aboard motorcycles (and also because Gigi seems to have some magnificent cleavage on display…), their moto adventures just might be worth your while. The comic book series will also have a website, which will be launched next month.

For more information, visit the Sobremotos website here

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