Thursday, October 08, 2009

Nissan Land Glider: A four-wheeled motorcycle!

Though it rides on four wheels, the Nissan Land Glider leans into corners like a motorcycle. If cars are going to drive (ride?) like bikes in the future, we like the future already!

Nissan claim that the battery-powered Land Glider concept is a car designed for urban mobility. And yet, the Land Glider seats two people one behind the other (rather than one next to the other...) and leans into corners like a motorcycle. It also has handlebars rather than a steering wheel and is barely wider than a Gold Wing (well, almost...), so we think it might qualify as a motorcycle rather than a car.

According to Nissan, the the Land Glider’s electric motors will provide strong, linear acceleration, and its unique suspension/chassis – which lets the vehicle lean into corners like a sportsbike – will provide a whole new driving (riding?) experience. Hmmm.... cool! This is one 'car' we wouldn't mind driving... :-)

A video of the Nissan Land Glider in action...


Anonymous said...

Sure would love to know when these idiotic companies are going to stop spitting out designs which will "revolutionise"the way we live. In the end they're just smaller cars with all the downsides of a motorbike with none of the upsides. Why not, and here's a crazy idea... Give the motorcycle the credit it deserves and admit it is a brilliant design which no personal transport solution will ever come even close.

All these concepts do is use excessive resources for what is essentially a tiny car/big motorbike. And that's the end of that rant.

Anonymous said...

It only has 2 wheels and no protection.

It may be a brilliant design, but it's not what is wanted by the vast majority of people (aside from bikers ofc).

They want 3-4 wheels so it can't fall over and they want bodywork so they don't get hurt.

That's who this is aimed at in part.

chris brown said...

I wish that I had someway to tap into twitter money.

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