Saturday, October 31, 2009

V12 Honda CBX redefines ‘awesome’

A V12-engined Honda CBX is just the thing you need to show those Yamaha VMax and Triumph Rocket III guys a thing or two...

We’ve said this often in the past and we’ll say it again – we absolutely love the Honda CBX 1000. With its elegant lines and screaming six-cylinder engine, the CBX was, and remains to this day, an incredibly special machine.

We suppose it would take incredible talent to ‘improve’ on a standard CBX. Or, in the case of Andreas Georgeades, make it twice as outrageous and mechanically over the top as a regular CBX. Twice as outrageous? Yes, that’s precisely what Andreas’ V12-engined CBX is.

In his mid-60s now, Andreas was a fairly successful motorcycle racer in the 1960s, having raced against the likes of Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini. Later, when he retired from racing, he took up building his own custom specials, which include no less than three Ferrari-engined motorcycles – two of those with six-cylinder engines from the Ferrari Dino (one of which even features a supercharger), and one with a V8 from the Ferrari 308!

Of course, Andreas didn’t stop there – after building six- and eight-cylinder motorcycles, how could he not build a V12-engined machine? So he started with two six-cylinder CBX engines, welding them together to create a 2,000cc V12. And as these pictures show, it must have been a diabolically difficult task.

Unfortunately enough, we don’t have more details on the machine – we don’t know how much power that V12 makes and we don’t have any acceleration or top speed numbers. Still, we’re hugely impressed with Andreas’ V12 CBX. Watch the video below to see Andreas fire up the machine, warm it up and take it for a ride down the street. Awesome!!

The V12 Honda CBX in action. The engine sounds amazing...

Via DucCutters, Flickr

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Peter said...

Wow, what a work of "working man" engineering, pretty impressive!

Sure would like to see more of it, thanks for posting!


hardboiled said...

Very interesting. I'm surprised no one has tried this sort of thing with a more modern engine like a ZX10 or Hayabusa.

Oh well, good luck to the bloke for creating something that's VERY interesting and not an eye sore.

David said...

It not only looks pretty, but it sounds badass and seems like it would perform amazingly. nice work!

Rodrigo said...

Honda Rulz!

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