Tuesday, October 27, 2009

V8-engined Cosmos 4RWF, 2RWF from Brazil

475kg dry weight, 350bhp V8 engine, four wheels and hub-centre steering: The Cosmos 4RWF can't be for the faint of heart

Brazilian motorcycle nut Amadeu Ferreira Junior probably isn’t the kind of man who’d be happy with a stock Yamaha VMax or Triumph Rocket III – he’d want a bigger motor, with a bit more power. So, of course, he’s built his own V8-engined bikes, one of which actually has four wheels!

Ferreira’s (yes, the name sounds suitably close to Ferrari’s) bikes – the Cosmos 4RWF and 2RWF are fitted with 5.7-litre Chevrolet V8 engines that produce 350 horsepower at 5,250rpm. Which is just as well because the 4RWF weighs an almighty 475 kilos dry, while the 2RWF is a relative lightweight at just 420kg.

Apart from the massive engines, the Cosmos 4RWF is also fitted with four wheels – two each at the front and back – with hub-centre steering. If you want one of these, be prepared to shell out about US$93,000. And if that’s a bit too much, there’s the cheaper 2RWF for only $82,000. Visit the Cosmos website for more details.

The rather more conventional 2RWF is also $10,000 cheaper than the 4RWF. That side-stand could be a problem though...
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