Friday, November 27, 2009

2010 Yamaha XT660X announced

2010 Yamaha XT660X2010 Yamaha XT660X2010 Yamaha XT660X
The 2010 Yamaha XT660X, available in white, blue and red!

For those looking for a simple, lightweight and fun-to-ride supermoto-style bike, the 2010 Yamaha XT660X is now a better deal than ever before. And that’s because it’s now available in new colours – red, blue and white!!! And at 6,590 euros, it isn’t very expensive either.

But seriously, we actually quite like this bike. It rides on 17-inch wheels, weighs 189kg dry and packs 48 horsepower and 60Nm of torque from its 660cc single-cylinder engine. The XT660X probably won’t be a life altering experience, but should be equally good for daily commutes, carving up some city traffic and the occasional Sunday morning blast around some twisty mountain roads.

2010 Yamaha XT660X

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