Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BMW Concept 6 unveiled, is the most awesome bike at this year's EICMA!

The new BMW Concept 6, fitted with a high-tech straight-six engine specially designed for bikes, is simply flat-out awesome...

BMW have released pics and specs of their new Concept 6 bike, which is fitted with a six-cylinder engine. The bike is now on display at the currently ongoing EICMA Show in Milan, Italy. BMW straight-six engines have a formidable reputation in the world of cars and it seems BMW are now all set to bring their six-cylinder power to motorcycles as well.

‘The new BMW straight-six will further expand the K-Series in the foreseeable future. The first model to be introduced will be an innovative and luxurious BMW touring machine,’ says a press release from BMW.

According to BMW, their new straight-six engine for the K-Series has been specially designed for motorcycles and will be only slightly wider than a conventional large-capacity four-cylinder engine. ‘The reduction in width is achieved in particular by the slightly over-square bore:stroke ratio with relatively long stroke and very small gaps between cylinders,’ says the BMW press release. ‘Designed and laid out as a straight-six, the engine also opens up new dimensions in motorcycling in terms of supremacy, power reserves, performance and running refinement,’ it adds.

The BMW straight-six for motorcycles will displace about 1.6-litres, will have a torque output of 130Nm and power that would be roughly equivalent to that of BMW’s 1.3-litre four-cylinder engines. ‘Fuel consumption of this six-cylinder engine is lower than that of a comparable four-cylinder engine under normal touring conditions. The use of ride-by-wire tech offers further potential for enhanced fuel economy and riding dynamics throughout a wide range of different riding modes and conditions,’ says the BMW press release.

According to BMW, the Concept 6 has been designed to look like a cafĂ©-racer and features high-tech, cutting-edge chassis and suspension technologies – light alloy bridge frame and Duolever / Paralever arms holding and guiding the wheels front and rear. ‘Seventeen-inch forged wheels as well as the extra-large brake system with its six-piston fixed callipers emphasise the sporting look of the new machine and its high level of technology,’ claim BMW.

We must say BMW have come out with something of a shocker with their Concept 6, and the fact that it’s slated for production – rather than being a fanciful show bike – makes it even more amazing. Stay tuned for more details on this machine!
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